Squeeking, grinding, or vibrating when braking? From brake pad replacement to repairing your complex antilock braking system, we've got you covered.


Steering & Suspension

From annoying noises over bumps to more serious problems causing premature tire wear we can handle it. Suspension and steering repairs include replacement of shocks, struts, ball joints, tie rods, and control arms.



We offer numerous brands including all the major brands like Michelin, Toyo, Uniroyal, and Goodyear. Because we source from over 5 different venders this allows us to be very competitive in the tire market.

Other Services/Repairs:

  • A/C Service          
  • Batteries               
  • Electrical Repairs      
  • Fleet Service
  • Alternators          
  • Courtesy Inspections    
  • Emission Repairs      
  • Fuel System Repair
  • Axles                    
  • Door Lock Repairs        
  • Engine Repairs        
  • Power Steering
  • Transmissions            
  • Tune Up                  
  • Wheel Bearings        
  • Window Repairs
  • Window Repairs   
  • Wiring Repairs              
  • Plus Much More


Scheduled Maintenance  

Periodic service that is recommended by your vehicles manufacture depending on mileage and/or age of vehicle. These services can include but are not limited to fluid changes, filter replacements, and system checks.   



Cooling System 

As one of the most important systems of the vehicle it's very important to maintain this system properly. System service and repair includes fluid changes, leak repairs, and temperature control device checks.


Diagnostic Test

It's not uncommon for a modern day vehicle to have more than 25 computers all working together. These computerized systems require highly advanced equipment and training in order to properly pinpoint the problem. From diagnosing a failed gas cap to a more complex computer failure, we offer the diagnostic testing you need.

Oil Change

The oil change, probably the least expensive "good" you can do for your vehicle. Because the engine is the heart of your vehicle, it's important to keep good clean oil pumping throughout. Inside most engines are very narrow passages for oil to flow which are crucial for the engines operation. If these passages become impeded by dirty engine oil it's devastating to the engines life. That's why changing your oil and oil filter at or before the manufacturers recommended milaege is so important.